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We provide expert witness assessments and recommendations
for the following




Immigration cases


Employment tribunals


Occupational health


Fitness to plead and standing trial




Children and Family cases




Medico-legal experience Dr Dhumad


Dr Dhumad is approved by the Secretary of State as having special experience in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorder, in accordance with section 12 of the 1983 Act.


Dr dhumad has assessed more than one thousand individuals under the mental health act 1983 (amended 2007); he has been instructed as an expert witness to provide medico-legal reports for over 150 cases in various legal proceedings such as, insanity defences, fitness to plead; sentencing; dangerousness; employment;  and Children and Family proceedings; 15% prosecution/85% defence. He has given evidence as expert witness in courts and tribunals.


Dr Dhumad has special interest in the daignoses and the treatment of Post Traumatic  Stress presentations, and have assessed and provided expert opinions to the immigration authorities in the UK, courts and legal representatives of over 300 immigration cases.


He has  received training in forensic psychiatry as junior doctor and specialist registrar; he has  published one forensic paper. Dr Dhumad is  formally trained in the structured clinical risk assessments for aggression: the SAVRY (Structured Assessment for Violence in Youth) and for adults, the newly revised HCR-20 version 3 (Historical Clinical Risk Assessment).


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